Zodiac Double Layer Satin Hair Bonnet Gemini


Style: Gemini

Elevate your hair game with the Gemini Satin Hair Bonnet - a perfect blend of style and functionality.

Double Layered: The bonnet is double layered, ensuring maximum protection for your hair while you sleep.

Reversible: It's reversible, so you can choose between two different colors and designs.

Colorful: The Gemini yellow gradient adds a pop of color to your sleepwear collection.

All Sizes: Suitable for all sizes, this bonnet is perfect for anyone looking to maintain healthy hair overnight.

The silky satin material not only feels luxurious but also helps reduce frizz and breakage. The double-layered design ensures that it stays in place throughout the night while keeping your hair safe and secure.

Add this Gemini Satin Hair Bonnet to your collection today and wake up every day with healthy-looking hair!