Customized Double Layer Reversible Satin Bonnet_Beauty and Beast Hair Bonnet


There are so many benefits to wearing a satin bonnet that includes retaining moisture and reducing frizzy hair.

Questions about how to wash a satin bonnet? Check out the FAQ or our blog on

Elevate your night time routine with our Silky Satin Hair Bonnet. This customized beauty and beast bonnet is perfect for both men and women.

  • Double-Layered: Our bonnets are double-layered, providing extra protection for your hair while you sleep.
  • Reversible: You can easily switch up your look with our reversible design.
  • Satin Material: Made from high-quality satin material, our bonnets help reduce friction that can cause breakage and frizz in your hair.

This pack includes one Silky Satin Hair Bonnet, perfect for keeping hair protected and healthy while you sleep. Don't let tangled or frizzy hair ruin your morning routine - try out our double-layered, reversible beauty and beast bonnets today!