How To Clean Your Satin or Silk Bonnet and Pillowcase- TIPS

How To Clean your Bonnet and Pillowcase

I receive many questions on how to properly take care of the silk or satin bonnet and pillowcases. It’s easier to clean than what you think! It’s always great to wash any new bonnet prior to usage for your night routine.

It is recommended to wash your bonnets/pillowcase on average every two weeks. I personally use oil daily for my locs so keeping my bonnet oil free is crucial for my routine.  If you use alot of products, then you may want to switch to once a week. We recommend sticking to detergents for sensitive skin to prevent breakouts.

 There are two main options for cleaning a silk or satin bonnet and pillowcase.

Handwashing: The preferred method for cleaning 

1. Use a sink or medium to large size bowl

2. Use a gentle detergent and let the bonnet sit in the foamy water for 5-10 minutes 

3. Lightly scrub your bonnet with your hands in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes

4. Air dry 

Machine Wash

Use the Gentle or Delicate Cycle ONLY and then let air dry

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